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Home-Made Granola

Granola is a must have for breakfast, at least for myself. I love it with milk or with yoghurt and with frozen yogurt too. The mix of oats, nuts and other seeds with other healthy condiments makes this home made Granola a very healthy option to have for breakfast every morning.


Ugali Omelette

We make the regular omelette all the time, but have you ever thought of making an Ugali omelette that has actual pieces of Ugali in it? This dish is perfect for Sunday Brunch and always great to use left over ugali.


Crunchy Healthy Breakfast Bars

Running late every morning and don’t have time for breakfast? Crunchy and healthy breakfast bars are our go to option for those rushed mornings. Crunchy cereal and nuts mixed in with a yummy peanut butter mix, and the best part of all, it doesn’t need to be baked either.

Pika Chakula
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