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Oat & Berry Milkshake

All you need in the Nairobi heat these days is an oat and berry milkshake. It is perfect for those quick or lazy mornings and keeps you full until lunch. Definitely a guilt free shake!


Masala Tea

Tea time is always important for me. It’s the only time of the day that I get to slow down, take a break and re-energize. I make my masala tea using a home made tea masala that gives a tonne of flavour even when you use just a little bit.


4 Delicious Milkshake Recipes

Easy milkshake recipes ranging from Banana caramel, strawberry cheesecake, mocha and chocolate mint. These milkshakes are to die for!


Cream Biscuit Milkshake

Indulge into a summery day favourite Cream Biscuit Shake. This shake is rich and creamy and just the perfect combination any milkshake can be. Top with some whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, because cheat-day doesn’t come every day.

Pika Chakula
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