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How To Make Yoghurt At Home (And Greek Yoghurt)

Store-bought yoghurt is always convenient, but it’s creaminess when making it at home makes it worthwhile. Just make sure to save about 2 tbsp of yoghurt of your previously made yoghurt and make sure not to jiggle the mixture too much as it sets. Along with berries and some granola, this makes for a healthy and filling snack.


2 tbsp yoghurt, from the previous batch
2 litres of milk


Pour the milk in a pot and let come to a simmer on a low flame.
As soon as the milk starts to rise, turn off the gas and let cool until warm to the touch.
Thin down the yoghurt with 2-3 tbsp of the warm milk until no lumps are left and then mix in.
Let sit covered in a warm place for 6 hours to overnight until the yoghurt has set completely and then cool in the refrigerator.
This yoghurt shall last you 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Top with fresh berries and honey for a yummy snack.
If you'd like to make greek yoghurt: Strain the yoghurt you have made in a cheese cloth so that there is no excess water in the yoghurt. Whisk it to form a smooth and creamy greek yoghurt.

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