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Energy Blasts

These little balls of energy will help get you through your day! Energy blasts are the perfect snack after a workout or for the early morning since they are packed full of tasty and nutritious ingredients.


Home-made Roasted Peanuts (Njugu Karanga)

This style of roasted peanuts is an industry trick that my Mother shared with me. She owns a Food Industry where she produces all sorts of snacks and this is one of her best selling products. Roasting the peanuts in salt makes sure they are evenly roasted, don’t get burnt and get a nice salty layer. These salty roasted peanuts are the perfect companion with a cold glass of beer or whisky on the rocks.


How To Make Yoghurt At Home (And Greek Yoghurt)

Store-bought yoghurt is always convenient, but it’s creaminess when making it at home makes it worthwhile. Just make sure to save about 2 tbsp of yoghurt of your previously made yoghurt and make sure not to jiggle the mixture too much as it sets. Along with berries and some granola, this makes for a healthy and filling snack.

Pika Chakula
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