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Oat & Berry Milkshake

All you need in the Nairobi heat these days is an oat and berry milkshake. It is perfect for those quick or lazy mornings and keeps you full until lunch. Definitely a guilt free shake!


Oats and Cashewnut Sandwich Barfi

I love Indian sweets and these are so easy to make at home. My oats and cashewnut barfi sandwiched in a layer of sweet coconut is the perfect dessert to end the evening.


Oat and Chocolate Chip Muffins

The mornings are always so busy to make myself something for breakfast, so i’ve been resorting to muffins with my morning tea. These oat and chocolate chip muffins are my go to muffin recipe to satisfy the muffin cravings.. is that even a thing? Well, yes it is, for me!

Pika Chakula
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