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Left Over Rice Cutlets

Cutlets made with left over rice give you that perfect crunch on the outside and a soft interior. It’s the easiest healthy starter to make for those unexpected guests and doesn’t take any time at all. Throw in any other vegetables that you like, along with left over rice, mashed potatoes and spices and you’re in for a treat.


Soya & Rice

This Soya & Rice with some peas is a delicious alternative to non-vegetarian rice dishes! Give it a try, you never would have thought soya could taste this good.


Masala Chips

My version of these Kenyan style masala chips takes the ordinary chips to a whole new level. They are saucy and spicy, yet crispy. The masala coats the chips perfectly and its the best dish to create for those quick lunches. Serve with your Sunday barbecue roast or have it on its own with a cold soda.


How To Make Yoghurt At Home (And Greek Yoghurt)

Store-bought yoghurt is always convenient, but it’s creaminess when making it at home makes it worthwhile. Just make sure to save about 2 tbsp of yoghurt of your previously made yoghurt and make sure not to jiggle the mixture too much as it sets. Along with berries and some granola, this makes for a healthy and filling snack.


Black Lentil Curry (Urad Dal)

The Indian black lentil curry/urad dal is also referred to as makhni dal on several different occasions. It is a rich, creamy and flavourful curry that is loved by everyone. This dish goes perfectly well with some chapati’s or naan.