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Mawe Tatu Cake (Cake without an Oven)

There’s just something special about cake that is baked in the jiko. This mawe tatu cake is so easy to make and the perfect recipe for those who don’t have an oven. Mawe tatu stands for 3 stones however, feel free to use sand instead of stones to bake the cake.


Black Forest Cake

A classic black forest cake combines layers of rich chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries. My version uses strawberries instead of cherries which is very common in most black forest cakes around Kenya. I suppose cherries are very hard to find, seasonal and quite expensive too.


Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cream

My easy peasy chocolate chip cookies & cream recipe is a crowd pleaser. I used ready to eat NuVita Chocolate Chip Cookies and made a delicious vanilla butter cream which I used to sandwich two cookies. Feel free to add some melted chocolate into the butter cream to make a chocolate cream or experiment with your favourite flavours.


Chocolate Cookie Brownies

This easy Chocolate Cookie Brownie recipe uses my favourite NuVita Chocolate Chip Cookies to give it a nice bite. Feel free to add in extra chocolate chips in the batter for added richness.


Lemon Tart

This Lemon Tart gives you a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. I used NuVita Digestive Biscuits for the base and baked it briefly to give it that beautiful golden colour and crunch. Enjoy this tantalising dessert.


Cookie Pops

Cookie pops are fantastic for kids birthday parties. My recipe requires only 3 ingredients but makes a super dessert. Drizzle some white chocolate to decorate or dip the pops into some colourful sprinkles to impress the kids.


Tropical Pineapple Crumble

Who says Pineapple Crumble is a dessert to be made during the cold weather? My version of tropical pineapple crumble topped with a mixture of oats and crushed coconut cookies is a dessert you can have all year round. It is so simple to make and so delicious with a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream.


No-Bake Berry Cheesecake

No-bake berry cheesecake comes together in less than 10 minutes. This is my go to quick dessert for a quick sweet craving fix. The blueberry jam gives it a tart taste that goes perfectly well with the sweetness from the digestive biscuits. Top it off with a raspberry for that finishing touch.


Banana Pie Rolls

We’ve all heard of apple pies and love them too. This is a twist on the classic using bananas to make Banana Pie Rolls. Yummy Banana Pie filling rolled in a thin rice pancake and fried to a crisp golden brown. Top it with ice cream and a sprinkling of icing sugar and eat away! This recipe is also great for when you have a bunch of bananas lying in the kitchen about to get spoilt. What more do you need?!


Apple Rings Stuffed With Sweet Rice

The idea of apple rings stuffed with sweet rice and coated in a crumble mix came to me while watching cooking videos on Facebook one early morning. The video showed how to make cheese burger bites using onion rings which were then breaded and deep fried. I used a similar concept which led to this delicious dessert which I call the modern sister of an apple crumble.