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Left Over Rice Cutlets

Cutlets made with left over rice give you that perfect crunch on the outside and a soft interior. It’s the easiest healthy starter to make for those unexpected guests and doesn’t take any time at all. Throw in any other vegetables that you like, along with left over rice, mashed potatoes and spices and you’re in for a treat.


Pack Potatoes (Viazi Karai)

Pack potatoes are commonly known as Viazi Karai and are the most delicious snack sold at almost every corner at the Coast of Kenya. They are boiled and filled with a chili-sour paste, coated with a different type of tempura batter and deep fried. One just can’t have enough of these!


Chili Garlic Bread

Adding some minced green chili into garlic butter and smothering it over some fresh baguette/ciabatta bread and finally grilling it makes the perfect home made starter. This chili garlic bread makes a great pairing with warm minestrone soup.

Pika Chakula
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